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Welcome to Turtledove Hosting

We are the perfect solution for your business hosting needs.
We offer custom hosting services for our clients who would prefer
to have an all in one solution for their hosting, website, marketing and webmaster services.

With our secure and reliable website hosting platform, you can be at ease knowing
your website is in good hands. Our powerful dedicated servers provide a smooth
experience. Our full root access to your website is fined tuned to your exact
specifications. We troubleshoot any issues you have about updates, maintenance,
patches. We work to make sure your custom website loads fast, and stays secure,
and up 100% of the time.

Our experienced WebMaster is available to help take care of changes to your site,
and to answer questions pertaining to your website. Webmaster is available
24/7/365 to assist you via phone, text, email, or chat with your host related
questions as well.

Turtledove Hosting is committed to transferring your domain name, and site to
your new hosting account free of charge within 30 days of your signup.